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I currently offer remote coaching and personal training, either independently or in hybrid format. Details can be found below. And remember - the first month of coaching is free so don't stress about it if you aren't sure exactly where to start. When you're ready to go, just press the button below or send me an email or text!

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Just the Training Plan - $12/week and includes:

The Basic Package - $75/month and includes:

The Advanced Package - $138/month and includes:

The Pro Package - $199/month and includes:

Personal Training at American Family Fitness Mechanicsville - $75/hour & $45/30 minute sessions

Independent Personal Training - $38 per hour session + Location expenses

Special pricing is available for groups, teams and clubs.

Similarly, if you are facing financial barriers but want a coach, reach out. I'm happy to help in any way that I can.

Other Services:

One-Time Consultation - FREE first time and $15 thereafter for short <20 minute training consultations that can give you:

Pacing - Price varies by event.

As an experienced runner, I can offer you pacing for up to two hours in any footrace, at (nearly) any pace. Assuming that I'm healthy and fit at the time of your event, I can typically guarantee any sub-elite pace. Prices and availability will vary greatly depending on location, duration, travel, entry fees, and advance notice.


For current Clients:

For Prospective Clients:     (540)425-1693